Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Can Kavalan compete with Pure Scotch whisky from Scotland?

For the past six months, Kavalan has been winning whisky lovers the world over. It all started when Kavalan made it into Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2010, awarding the spirit with a Gold Award. But the world really took notice of Kavalan when it beat a trio of Scottish Blends during a blind tasting event organised by The Times at the famous Burns Night. Soon after this, Kavalan won a top award at the WWA awards in London.
So, does this mean that the Kavalan Whisky is as good or better than some of Scotland's purest Scotch whiskies? Absolutely not. A Scotch whisky comes from years of tradition, care and craftmanship. Kavalan is a relatively young whisky. However, Kavalan is undoubtedly a great whisky in its own right. It has certainly proved a number of times that it is on the right track.
Shrugging off the 'Made in Taiwan' stigma and convince sceptics that Kavalan is a truly exceptional whisky has nevertheless been a challenge. Yet, the brand is showing that it is a unique whisky with its very own rich flavours, aromas and colours. It has put Taiwan firmly on the very exclusive handful of nations who make up the world's Whisky map!


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